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This article describes HyperCard IIGS.



HyperCard for the Apple IIGS personal computer lets users create a custom environment for exploring and managing information. Because of its flexibility, HyperCard IIGS can be used in an almost unlimited number of ways, for example:

Like HyperCard for the Macintosh, HyperCard IIGS is based on a universal tool for storing information: the index card. But in HyperCard IIGS, index cards can contain information not only in text form, but as photographs, graphics, video, and sound as well.

HyperCard "buttons" (active areas on a card) give you the freedom to work with information at your own pace and in the order you prefer. When you point to a button and click with the mouse, the computer carries out a specific task. For example, it will move to another card so you can explore a related subject, define a term you don't understand, control a video from a laser videodisc player, prompt you for further information, or run another computer program.

HyperCard IIGS can work for beginners right away. HyperCard IIGS comes with ready-to-use stacks for storing personal information, creating stories, and more. You can also use HyperCard IIGS to run commercially available stacks, including stacks originally created for Macintosh computers that have been converted for Apple IIGS use.

HyperCard IIGS also offers easy ways to create your own stacks. You can create and edit buttons and fields, create artwork with the full-color Paint Tools, and create advanced HyperCard programs using HyperTalk (HyperCard's powerful English-like scripting language).

As an expansion of the HyperCard line of software for Macintosh computers, HyperCard for the Apple IIGS is the ideal tool for all who want to work with information more effectively, and those with special knowledge, talents, or experience that they want to share with others.

User Levels

HyperCard IIGS provides five distinct user levels: Browsing, Typing, Painting, Authoring, and Scripting. Each user level includes all the features of the level before it.

System Requirements

To use HyperCard IIGS, you need the following:

To convert stacks that have been created using Macintosh HyperCard 1.2.2 or 1.2.5 for use with HyperCard IIGS, you need access to a Macintosh personal computer and the HyperMover program.

Technical Specifications


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