***Modem Disk Available on 5.25" disks***

last updated: January 3, 2000
Also available on 3.5" disk* for IIGS and IIc+ users.

Dear Apple II user,

As a service to the Apple II community, I have been offering an Apple II Modem Starter Disk, with all of the software you need to get started using a modem with your Apple II computer.

As of this date, January 3, 2000, I am planning to retire this service. I have 9 5.25" disks remaining, and when they are gone, the service will be ended. I have been happy to offer this service over the past 4 years, and have shipped over 200 disks to Apple II users all over the world: the Philippines, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, England and Ireland, Canada, Australia, Japan, and of course most of the 50 U.S. states. But it takes more time than I am able to devote now, so as I watched my supply of 5.25" floppy disks dwindles I decided that this was the time to end the service. At some point in the next month I will post the files here on the Web site so that the disk image and individual files may be downloaded by user groups who wish to offer the disk to their members.

This double-sided 5.25" disk contains:

Sneeze 2.1:        Freeware by Karl Bunker - program launcher, txt & awp
                   viewer/printer, graphics viewer, utility set.
Shrinkit 3.4:      Freeware by Andy Nicholas - Apple II standard
                   archiving/dearchiving program, utility set.
BinSCII 1.0.3:     Freeware by David Whitney - Binary/Text conversion
                   utility (Apple II standard).
UU 1.1:            Freeware by Andy Tefft - Binary/Text conversion utility
                   (Unix standard).
Comm.System 2.5:   Freeware by Jim Ferr - Simply, easy to use
                   communications program that supports Xmodem
                   transfer and ASCII capture.
Unshrink 2.1:      Freeware by Andy Nicholas - Shrinkit for II+'s,
                   unenhanced and/or 64k IIe's.

In archived format (Shrinkit archive, of course) Zlink - Shareware by David Whitney - is included on side B of the disk. Zlink is a more advanced communications program that offers X- & Y-modem transfer capability and VT-100 emulation.

Also in archived format on side B is ASCII Helper--Shareware by Clayburn Juniel III, this utility helps convert text files between different online systems by adding or removing linefeeds, carriage returns, etc...

To take full advantage of these programs, IIe users should ensure their machines are enhanced, with at least 128k of RAM. IIc users should determine their ROM version by typing the following and pressing return at the Applesoft basic (]) prompt:

] Print Peek(64447)

If a value other than 255 is returned, then your IIc has the necessary ROM version to take full advantage of your machines telecommunication abilities.

All original documentation files are included. Docs for BinSCII, UU and Comm.System are in archived format due to space considerations. Archiving them allowed me to include ASCII Helper.

InTrec Software, Inc., publishers of ProTerm A2 and ProTerm Mac, sells properly wired modem cables for Apple IIc, IIc+, and IIGS computers. They are selling them at very reasonable prices...

   Modem Cables - $7.00.
      Macintosh & Apple IIGS Universal Hi-speed
      Handshake cable for speeds 300 thru 57,600 bps.
      Apple IIc to modem cable.
      Add $3 S/H for cable.
 Web:   InTrec Software, Inc.                  
 Email: sales@intrec.com 
 3035 E Topaz Circle
 Phoenix, AZ  85028-4423
 602/992-5515 Sales

This disk now *DOES* contain ProDOS and Basic.System. ProDOS and Basic.System are licensed from Apple Computer, Inc., and remain the property thereof. The inclusion of ProDOS on disk means that you can boot right from the modem disk.

If interested, send your mailing address and $3 US currency to:

Steve Cavanaugh
P.O. Box 706
Brockton, MA 02303-0706

If you have questions about this offer, email me at appleblossom@delphi.com.

*The 3.5" disk also has copies of GSCII (an NDA version of Binscii), GSHK (Shrinkit GS), YoYoDuck (general ProDOS utilities) and demos of Proterm 3 and ANSITerm 2.0. Newly added to the 3.5-inch disk is the 8-bit program BSCit, which can decode MIME/BASE 64 files.

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