Redmond Cable Info

If you have been looking around for a hard to find cable, consider Redmond cable. They are no strangers to Apple II's and have made quality cables upon request of Apple II users. They are located in Washington state. (The following information was suppli ed by Charles Orem on GEnie.) Tel. 206/882-2009 Fax 206/883-1430 They accept VISA that I know of, perhaps others.

Apple Cables

RAM 700-8      $18.55     DB25M-8M Mini   Apple IIe to Imagewriter II
RAM 701-8      $14.25     DB25M-DB25M     Apple IIe to Imagewriter I
RAM 702-6      $15.45     5FDIN-8MMini    Apple IIc+ adapter
RAM 703-8      $18.55     5MDIN-DB25M     Apple IIc to Imagewriter I
RAM 704-8      $15.45     5MDIN-8MMini    Apple IIc to Imagewriter II
RAM 705-8      $18.55     5MDIN-D25F      Apple IIc to IBM PC/PS2
RAM 707-8      $18.55     5MDIN-D25M      Apple IIc to Hayes Modem
RAM 708-8      $20.10     D9M-D25M        Mac 512 to Imagewriter I
RAM 709-8      $18.55     D9M-8M Mini     Mac 512 to Imagewriter II
                                          (Null Modem)
RAM 714-8      $12.75     8M Mini-DB25M   Mac+/IIgs/C+ to Hayes Modem
RAM 716-8      $18.55     8M Mini-D25F    Mac+/IIgs/C+ to IBM PC/PS2
RAM 718-8      $12.75     8M Mini-DB25M   Mac+/IIgs/C+ to ImageWriter I
RAM 719-8      $11.25     8M Mini-8M Mini Mac+/IIgs/C+ to Imagewriter II
RAM 719-15     $14.25     8M Mini-8M Mini Mac+/IIgs/C+ to Imagewriter II
RAM 721-8      $11.25     8F Mini-8M Mini Mac+/IIgs/C+ Extension
RAM 723-8      $11.25     8M Mini-8M Mini Mac+/IIgs/C+ to switch box,
                                          straight wired
RAM 735-8      $12.40     3M Mini-3M Mini AppleTalk cable
ATB-811        $31.50     8M Mini-2/RJ11  AppleTalk Modular Box

Apple Monitor Cables

RAM 742-6      $25.15     D15M-D9M        Apple IIgs to Sony Multisync
RAM 743-6      $25.15     D15M-D9M        Apple IIgs to NEC Multisync
RAM 744-6      $21.60     D15M-D9M        Apple IIgs to Magnavox 1CM135
RAM 755-6      $51.00     D15M-5BNC       Mac/IIgs to 75 ohm coax output
                                          R-G-B sync

Apple Disk Drive Cables

RAM 772                   $34.00  D19F-D19M       Apple IIgs drive
RAM 775                   $30.15  D19M-20FH       Apple IIgs to IIe drive
RAM 777                   $40.20  D19M-20MH-20MH  Apple IIgs to 2 5.25"

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