The Apple Blossom

Volume 2, Number 6

Applied Engineering...Down Under

Many Apple II users have expansion cards manufactured by Applied Engineering, a company that unfortunately went out of business in 1994. My own collection includes an Audio Animator (stereo card/digitizer/MIDI), a Z80 (CP/M cpu) and a TransWarp GS (accel erator). When AE (as they were known) went out of business with almost no notice at all, many folks were left high and dry when they needed repairs, or wanted to purchase new hardware.

Then, rumors started surfacing about a company "down under" in Australia, that was using the AE name and supplying customers with parts and service. Recently I exchanged some email with Terry Cass, the service manager for Applied Engineering in Austra lia, and here's what I learned.

Q. What is your relationship to the Applied Engineering that was based in Texas?

A. We were the Australian franchise for A.E. USA, selling and servicing their products in the South Pacific region, when they closed their doors we only had 10 days notice (10 days more than most).

Q. Do you have any relationship with ABC Direct, which markets some of the Applied Engineering line, including the high density external disk drives for Mac and Apple IIGS?

A. We have never had any contact from the above company, in fact I have had some people email me for info, and they said that they had tried to get service from a US based company but never get any response to their emails, don't know if this is the c ompany or not. A week ago when I visited your site I first noticed their company and sent them an email, they have not had the coutesy to reply to me as yet.
This type of service is a worry to me when someone uses the A.E name so I will look into it further in the new year

Q. Do you carry, and support the entire line of Applied Engineering cards that were sold in the past?

A. We carried about 90% of the US products so we support and service all of these, we do an average of 3-6 repairs a month sent to us from the US. As we no longer manufacture, we only sell what we had left in stock and got from A.E. on its closure

Q. Do you have a catalog that people can request?

A. Again not worth the time, when its gone its gone, just write, phone, fax, email us and we'll let you know if its in stock. For example we had 36 Transwarp GS's in stock 6 months ago. We now only have 6 left. We still repair Apple II's and early mod el Mac's at component level. We also wreck Apple II's and early model Mac's for parts.
(Note that while AE doesn't have a catalog available, their Web site does have listings of hardware and software that they sell.)

Contact Information for Applied Engineering:
13 Sunlight Drive
Burleigh Waters 4220
Gold Coast Qld.
Phone 61 7 55 75 9099
Fax 61 7 55 78 8874

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