AppleWorks 5.0 is Shipping

Quality Computers began shipping AppleWorks 5.0 in early December of 1994. This latest version of AppleWorks is the most powerful yet, but it also demands the most computer resources. To run AppleWorks 5.0, a minimum of an enhanced IIe, IIc or IIGS with 256K of RAM and a 3.5" drive or hard drive are required. While you may have seen information saying that only 3.5" disks are available, you can obtain the program on 5.25" disks, but you must install it to a hard drive. The upgrade price is $59.00, while the price for a "competitive" upgrade from another word processor is $99.00. New installs are $169.95, or in a lab setting, $39/cpu.

Among the enhancements of this new version are a built-in printer buffer, an expanded "desktop" that allows up to 36 files in memory at a time, a screen saver, an outliner, a macros player/recorder, the new ability to show pictures in single layout fo rmat in the database, sharing of data between databases and wordprocessors without the database needing to be opened and more. Complete information is available from Quality Computers, who took over responsibility for AppleWorks and AppleWorks GS from Cl aris in the Fall of 1992. Quality Computers is a major provider of educational technology, which publishes a free quarterly magazine devoted to educational computing called Enhance. Their number is: 1-800-777-3642.

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