CD-ROM for the IIGS

While the Apple IIGS has had the capability to use a CD-ROM drive for quite a while, there has not been much produced for the Apple II on CD. In order to overcome that limitation, Sequential Systems has produced DiscQuest, software that allows you to use several off the shelf PC/Mac CD-ROMs with your IIGS. It does this by reading the "discpassage" data format that these CD-ROMs are produced with. There are a number of titles supported, including Audobon Mammals and Birds, Darwin Multi-M edia CD, Monarch Notes, Sherlock Holmes, Parenting, the Family Doctor, and more.

In addition, with a separate software package, DiscQuest Encyclopedia, you can use the Compton MultiMedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM, in either the Windows or Macintosh version, on your IIGS. The present software allows for viewing the title tree and articles, graphics and listening to sounds. A promised upgrade should allow access to the idea tree and seaching on topic words. Hypertext links to graphics, sound and other articles is supported.

DiscQuest can run on a IIGS with 1.25 MB of RAM and one 3.5" drive, although a hard drive and 2 MB of RAM or more is recommended. The Graphics & Sound computer is still capable of multimedia, and can keep up with those other computers, so don't think that it's obsolete yet. DiscQuest is available from Quality Computers (800) 777-3642, Alltech Electronics (619) 724-2404 or direct from Sequential Systems (800) 999-1717.

Note:discQuest Encyclopedia was upgraded in summer 1995, and the new version will work with the Windows Encyclopedia from 1994 or the Macintosh version of the Compton's Encyclopedia from 1995. New features include a topic search. The dis cQuest Encyclopedia software (original or updated) will not work with the 1995 Windows version of the Encyclopedia. For ugrades, contact Sequential Systems at 800-999-1717 or fax 303-665-0933 or visit their Web site at http://www.sequential.com:80/sequential/.

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