HyperCard GS released as FreeWare!

Last summer Apple Computer reclassified HyperCard IIGS as System Software, meaning that it could now be distributed by anyone who has a license to distribute Apple Software, such as user groups and various online services such as America Online an d GEnie. HyperCard IIGS is roughly equivalent to HyperCard 1.2.5 on the Macintosh, with the addition of color and some other capabilities. And now, you can get it for free.

Not only does HyperCard GS work much like its Macintosh version, you can even exchange stacks between the two. With HyperMover, a pair of stacks for the GS and the Mac, a Stack can be disassembled on one platform, copied to disk, and then reassembled on the other.

What can HyperCard GS do for you? Well, as one of the premier HyperMedia authoring tools available, you can create presentations, manage data, and even interface with CD-ROMs and LaserDisc players. And, because the IIGS has a composite video port, you can even record your stacks onto video tape, for a portable presentation.

HyperCard comes on 6 disks (7 if you get HyperMover) and is available from local Apple II user groups, on GEnie, AOL, Compuserve and on the Internet at ftp.apple.com. It requires at least 2 3.5" disk drives, but is most easily used with a hard drive. Suggested minimum memory is 1.5 MB RAM, but larger stacks enjoy having more RAM.

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