The Golden Orchard CD-ROM

Where can you get System 6.0.1 for the IIGS? or how about System 5.0.4 for those applications that need the older system? Have you downloaded the 7 disks that make up HyperCard IIGS 1.1 yet? Or the latest System disk for Apple IIe's and IIc's?

And just how much software is available for Apple II's nowadays, and where can I get it? Well, if you have a modem (you do have a modem, don't you?) you can, of course, download lots of stuff via ftp from or from, but that does take some time. Or, you could buy the new CD-ROM compilation of Apple II software from Digisoft Innovations, Golden Orchard.

A CD-ROM made especially for Apple II's? That's right. In fact, this is the second collection of shareware, freeware and system software that has been made available to the Apple II using public in the last 12 months. The first was put out by the AUGE , an Apple User Group in Germany. This latest one is the product of Jim Maricondo, who also created Twilight II, a screensaver that gets rave reviews from its users.

Here are the details on the CD.

It is divided into 7 partitions. The first one is formatted with ProDOS, and thus would be usable by someone with an Apple IIe. This also has GS System 6.0.1 on it, making it possible to boot your IIGS from the CD. There are also folders with AppleWor ks files and templates, graphics for use with PublishIt or other programs that can use Double HiRes graphics, games, utilities and fonts.

The other six partitions are formatted with HFS (the Macintosh formatting system) so that long file names and larger partitions are supported. These partitions are arranged as follows:

As you can see, there is a lot here. Much of it would be very useful in a school or for home use, as well as for general usefulness and fun. The partitioned CD-ROM can be used on either a RamFAST or Apple HighSpeed SCSI card equipped IIGS, or on a Mac intosh that uses FWB's CD-ROM Toolkit driver (the Apple driver does not support partitioned CD's). It comes with an information and how-to sheet that tells how to mount the partitions with a RamFAST. The only caution for use in a school that I would make is that there is a folder on the GO-G.S. partition in the Graphics directory of X-Rated don't want the kids getting at that!

I think that you will find this a very useful addition to your software library. It can let you put away dozens and dozens of floppy disks (I may get some shelf space back finally!) since everything is right here, except for the latest shareware.

Ordering information is below:

The price for the CD is $65.00, plus $2.00 shipping in the U.S.; shipping to Mexico or Canada is $3.00 and overseas is $5.00. Contact Jim Maricondo at:

Jim Maricondo
DigiSoft Innovations
P.O. Box 11005
Stanford, CA 94309-1005
(203) 375-0837

Or check out the DigiSoft Web page here
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