The Apple II and the World Wide Web

While the Internet and the World Wide Web may seem to be the cutting edge of telecommunications (and they are!), they are not immune from invasion by Apple II users. Several Apple II companies and supporters have established web pages which can be viewed using Lynx. If you have a shell account on a Unix-based Internet server (such as at the University of Delaware) then you start up Lynx by typing Lynx at your $ prompt. At that point you just type in a "G", then one of the web addresses below and press R eturn. You will soon be at a page that can be used for ftp, gopher, or hot links to other web pages. The Nova Scotia Apple Users Group page is particulary impressive. I think you will be in for a real treat when you see all of the resources that they hav e organized for you.

These addresses have been formatted as links on this page, so you can use it to jump to the sites named

Sun Remarketing

Nova Scotia Apple Users Group

Shareware Solutions II

PowerGS Home Page

Apple II Resources

DigiSoft Innovations

Applebyters Computer Club

The Internex Online Apple II Library Home Page

Caltech Apple II Archive Page

Project Gutenburg

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