Randy Brandt Releases AppleWorks 5.1

In the first issue of The Apple Blossom I reported on some of the features of the latest version of AppleWorks, which was published last Fall by Quality Computers, AppleWorks 5.0. In July, Randy Brandt, the principal author of AppleWorks 4 & 5, re leased an update to this great Apple II program, bringing it to version 5.1. Version 5.1 is available on GEnie in the Apple II Roundtable Library, on the caltech and grind f tp sites, and is a shrink It archive that also includes Randy's Free Patcher, an AppleSoft BASIC program that allows you to further customize AppleWorks, giving you the ability to have UltraMacros active while AppleTalk is active (as it ships, UltraMacro s is disabled if AppleTalk is turned on). This is a real boon to those of us using an Apple IIGS on a network, as is common in school labs (and as I do here at home).

The version 5.1 files address a number of bugs and shortcomings, especially in the database. In the Roundtable, during beta testing, Randy stated, "This is the last version of AppleWorks, so let's make sure that it is rock-solid", and so it is! You ca n download it from GEnie, Compuserve or America Online. It comes with instructions for updating your program disks or hard disk, and keeps AppleWorks in the running as one of the best integrated programs on any computer platform.

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