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This month I have been giving lots of thought to cross platform computing--using two or more different types of computers together. Here at our house we have two Macs and an Apple IIGS, together with an ImageWriter and LaserWriter, networked together, each machine complementing the others in one total system. While there are areas where they don't work together all that well, for the most part the different computers work together well.

At school last year we used our Macs and Apple IIs together frequently. Children often typed reports in AppleWorks on classroom Apple IIe's, then transferred the file to their Mac disk in the lab via an Apple IIGS and formatted the file for printing i n WordPerfect Works or ClarisWorks. Graphics were scanned on the HP scanner attached to a Mac and then converted on a IIGS with SuperConvert for use in Publish It! Many of the gurus on GEnie is fond of pointing out that a Macintosh makes a great peripheral for an Apple IIGS!

The reason I have been dwelling on this subject in particular, though, is that I recently started a new job in Philadelphia. While it is an exciting move for me to actually get a job in the publishing business, it does involve a long commute via train , and a lot of my "free time" is spent traveling between office and home. So, most of these articles were not written on my IIGS, but on my PowerBook while I was on the train. the Apple II computers are very capable, but they make lousy portable systems! I have felt that it was a matter of being honest to write the Apple Blossom on an Apple II, since I am trying to highlight this computer's continued usefulness at home and in the classroom, but if I had been too strict in this regard, I wouldn't have be en able to write this at all!

So a compromise had to be worked out, and I typed the articles on my PowerBook in ClarisWorks and save the files as AppleWorks files. Then I accessed the files via Localtalk from the IIGS, to place in GraphicWriter III for page layout.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the Apple Blossom, and share it with others. Since the last issue I have heard from folks in Hawaii, North Carolina, Nova Scotia and California who have received the Apple Blossom via online services (I upload TAB in various formats to GEnie, CompuServe and America Online), so the readership is growing. Keep in mind that I am happy to hear from you, and I'm willing to print articles that you might want to write, as well as to allow reprints of articles you read here, which some user groups have done (all I ask for in exchange is credit for the article, and a copy of the user group newsletter if you have one).

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer, and that you'll continue to enjoy your Apple II computers!

Steve Cavanaugh
S.Cavanaugh1 on GEnie

[N.B. The above addresses are historical only. If you'd like to get in touch, my current address and email are:
Steve Cavanaugh
26 Moulton St.
Brockton, MA 02302


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