1999 - 2012
Purrfect in front of our shed, Fall 2000
Our household cat came to us in the summer of 1999, looking to be several months old at the point. Not wild, but no one claimed him. Some of the neighborhood children called him "TopCat", but we named him "Purrfect".
Of course, like most pets, ownership started with promises from our daughters that they would feed him, but soom most of the work came to rest on Laurie. But like many pets, the cat became part of the household, even having his own stocking for Christmas.
Purrfect was as much a "people" cat as felines get; he liked to be around people. When we packed the truck up to move Ally to Bowdoin College, he was ready to travel right along with us!
The past two months his health was declining, and despite a trip to the vet for rehydration and antibiotics, he had come to the end of his ninth life, and after a final two weeks when he had more petting and more time in the house than in most of his life, for he was an outdoor cat, he died in the night on June 20.