Althea's Senior Week at Brockton High School

Senior Prom
June 3, 2009
Ally with her prom escort Jake Cofferen
Ally with one of her oldest friends, Larissa, who came back to Brockton for the Prom.
Ally with friends Theresa, Josie and Larissa
Brockton High School Graduation
June 6, 2009
909 graduates in the class of 2009
Althea in cap and gown before heading off to the school
The JROTC marches in with the flag for the dedication and flag salute
Dr. Szachowicz, principal of BHS, leads dignitaries and faculty onto the field
The seniors begin their entry to the field in Marciano stadium for graduation
Dr. Szach looking around and applauding the graduates
The seniors assembled, all 909 of them.
Valedictorian Raymond Nguyen is introduced to the crowd.
Senior speaker Adam related his story of being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease 5 days into his senior year, and shares his reflections won during his battle with anger, fear and uncertainty.
The senior choir sings "Good-bye 09"
Mayor Harrington addresses the graduates.
Superintendent Nembirkow addresses the graduates.
Diogenes receiving the congratulations of the faculty
Danny Bowler after receiving his diploma
Delande, one of Ally's friends and one of Laurie's coworkers, looking cool in his shades.
Jake Cofferen receives his diploma and looks happy about it; on to the University of Seattle.
Althea receives her diploma and congratulations of faculty
Theresa Nguyen receiving her diploma.
Pandemonium as the seniors are rushed by proud family and friends
Ally in the crowd after the ceremony
Ally with her friend Courtney
Ally with Laurie and grandmother Barbara
The proud parents with Althea
Ally with her aunt Karen.
Ally with her grandmother Clare
Ally with grandparents George and Barbara
Ally with her aunt Cheryl
Ally with Cheryl, uncle Dan and cousin Carlie
Ally and Courtney work on distributing the cake
Time to open the gifts and for appropriate oohs and aahs!