The Blizzard of January 2005

On Saturday, January 22, the snow started falling in our area in the evening. The anniversary party we had planned on going to was canceled. Ally had helped plan a birthday party for a friend, and so I dropped her off, warning her that she wouldn't be able to stay too late (and only 4 kids, including the birthday girl, ended up being at the party).

When we woke up Sunday morning, most of the area churches had canceled services and Masses, and the temples had canceled their Sunday schools. There was 17 inches of snow on the ground, big drifts, and more to come!

The above photos are from just before 7 am on Sunday morning.
The three photos above are from 10 am on Sunday.
Since getting to church was impossible, we "rigged church" at home and prayed from the Liturgy of the Hours to hallow the Lord's Day
Just after 1 pm Molly and Steve started shoveling, and broke through to the street about 2 pm