Boating 2014
Our boating season was the longest I've enjoyed in years. The boat went in the water in early May, and when Patrick came for a visit over Memorial Day weekend, we were able to go out and get the first striper (a throw-back at only 27 inches) of the year on our first pass!
Of course, even on days when the fish aren't biting, Boston Harbor is a beautiful place to cruise, and I always enjoy feeling the spray as the little Lund I pilot skips over the waves.
Over the Fourth of July and the week following, the whaler Charles Morgan came to Boston, and I made a visit while it was docked behind Old Ironsides. Laurie and I saw the ship a few years ago in Mystic, Connecticut when it was being refurbished. Somehow, in the water and next to the USS Constitution, it didn't seem quite as massive.
Well, no matter how much fun it is to cruise, it's still better to take something home for the grill occassionally, and this was the first (and only!) keeper of the season, on July 22.
For the past few years, members at the Dorchester Yacht Club have been taking kids from the local Boys and Girls club for a cruise in Boston Harbor. This year's cruise was on July 30th. Although my boat was too small to accomodate guests for this, I did ride alongside to get photos throughout the cruise.
I had a few outings with my friend Dale on his slightly larger Lund; unfortunately, the only captures we made were of photos.
Who expects to be cruising Boston Harbor in October? But this year I've had a few outings. On October 17th I headed out from Town River Yacht Club with my brother Dan at the helm to see the last turn-around of the USS Constitution--not only for the season, but for years, as she'll be put into drydock for extensive repairs, at this point planned to last into 2018.
A color guard awaits at Castle Island, along with a large crowd of landlubbers.
The Constitution fired off a series of canon salutes, and this was returned by the color guard on Castle Island. Thank goodness they were firing blanks!
And so we got our last look for a while at Old Ironsides as she headed toward a multi-year clean-up.
And finally, with my brother Shawn in town to celebrate his 50th birthday, we headed out the next morning for some fishing with niece Maeghan and nephew AJ
I headed to the club early to get things ready. The sun rising over the water is something I never get tired of witnessing.
The boat is ready; where's the crew?
Out in Boston Harbor, Shawn took the forward position.
The fish, unfortunately, weren't biting, but the crabs sure were and kept the kids busy all morning.
A great way to end the season. I haven't quite got the boat in the yard and am already looking forward to summer 2015!