Bowdoin College vs. WPI in Women's Rugby

Ally's rugby team came down to Worcester to play against WPI's team in non-league play on Saturday, April 24th.
I went out to watch the game with my mom and nephew Brian. Aside from breaking up the weekend, it was a first, if abbreviated, college visit for Brian who is a junior in high school.
The girls at practice.
Don't tire yourself out yet...the game hasn't even started yet!
From the bleachers looking over the field at the campus.
The ball is loose...grab it.
Block her!
The teams scrum to get possession.
The catch!
Charging downfield.
Heading for the goal!
Well, despite a great effort, the Blacks lost by one goal. The teams greet each other at the end of the game and congratulate each other on a well-fought competition.