Visit to Charlestown and the USS Constitution
August 12, 2008
We left Long Wharf on the ferry Rita to visit Charlestown
Laurie, Pat and Ally on board.
The Boston waterfront, with the Customhouse Tower in the middle.
One of the many sailboats taking advantage of the afternoon breeze
Another sailboat, with blood read sails like the pirate ship in Pirates of the Carribbean 3
The Gun Crew from the USS Constitution at attention before gun drill.
Hauling on the tackle to run the gun out for firing.
Flying from the foremast forestays of "Old Ironsides", the early American banner, "Don't Tread on Me".
The fighting tops in the foremast from below.
Pat and Ally on the top deck.
Constitution's prow. The ship is undergoing massive repair work this year, and we were only able to pace half the top deck, part of it being closed off for redecking and other repairs.
Constitution's stern and gallery.
At the Korean War memorial, lying between the Constitution museum and the ferry wharf. No ball playing, what?
An image of the Korean War Memorial in Charlestown
Another view of the memorial.