Being awarded the Cheverus Medal
Since the bicentennial of the Archdiocese of Boston in 2008, Cardinal Sean O'Malley has annually awarded the Cheverus medal to layfolk and religious in the diocese who have been active in promoting the mission of the Church. Each year approximately a third of the parishes are invited to nominate someone, and this year Steve was nominated by Fr. Bradford for St. Athanasius.
On Sunday, November 18th, we gathered at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the afternoon prior to the Vespers service at which the awards would be given.
Steve with Barbara and George Richardson.
Looking for friends to invite into the pew.
Cardinal Sean conferring the medal.
With family and friends from St. Athanasius. From left, Steve, Anne Wentworth, Fr. Bradford, Judi Bradford, Clare Cavanaugh, George Richardson, Peggy Evers, Jim Reedy.
Steve with John Salisbury, leader of the Schola Amicorum.