Brittany Johnson, a fellow Bowdoin alumna of Althea's, adapted Aristophanes' play Clouds and both Molly and Althea wound up as part of the chorus, the aforementioned Clouds in the play. The play was performed on October 29 & 30, 2014 at Barnard College. Laurie and I couldn't pass up the chance to see the girls perform in a play, in New York City (on Broadway, no less!), and so we drove down on the 29th for the performance that night.
The gents playing Socrates and Strepsiades were both great! Socrates reminded me of a few of my own college profs over the years! And Strepsiades, as a debt-accumulating, hapless parent was perhaps a bit too familiar!
Socrates with his adoring Clouds.
There may have been singing in Athens when Aristophanes had his drama performed, but probably not like we witnessed at Barnard.
And dancing; well, Laurie and I have been involved in dancing long enough that we can't hear a song without immediately asking ourselves: "West Coast? East? Maybe Shag? Or Cha-Cha?" But we managed to keep our seats and not try to steal the show! The girls did a great job, although they confessed that some of the dance numbers didn't come together until the final week. But come together they did. The theatre was nearly sold out the night we were there, and everyone around us had a good time!