Althea Graduates from Bowdoin College cum laude
Depsite planing and hoping, it proved to be a wet day on Althea's commencement day, so the event was held indoors in the ice skating arena.
The graduates process in.
Althea in the procession.
Althea in a group of other graduates
College President Mills adresses the assembly.
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright receives an honorary doctorate.
Althea, Molly and Patick after the ceremony

Because the students had to be out of the dorms by 6 p.m. the same day, after we had a nice meal and got to listen to a couple of professors sing Althea's praises, we packed up the truck and headed back to Brockton. The party would have to wait until Saturday.
Most of the family who were within driving distance were able to join us for the party.
Because Molly had been diagnosed with Celiac (a diagnosis Althea was soon to get as well), we had to make non-gluten (i.e., non-wheat) cakes. We had two, one a Boston Cream Pie for Molly's Birthday a few days earlier, and one an M&M cake for Althea's graduation. The girls pronounced both cakes delicious!
I tried to recapture my old bartending skills by creating mojitos for everyone.
Molly and Althea both took turns with gifts. Thank you!