The U.S.S. Constitution
August 24, 2007
The oldest commissioned warship in the world, the Constitution is docked in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Several times a year, it makes a short journey out to the outer harbor, and turns around so that it can dock with its other side seaward, to weather more evenly. People can enter a lottery at the web site for the ship to be aboard for these journeys. While the July 4th turnaround is well-known and very popular, the later summer ones are less famous, and we chose one of these to watch this impressive vessel's short journey. The Constitution will be undergoing extensive repairs for a couple of years, so the next trips will not happen until 2010.
Carl steering the Tiny Tyke II on our way to Charlestown
"Old Ironsides" leaving the dock at Charlestown
Guns run out, tompions in
Coasting into the inner Harbor, the Pride of Baltimore
The Constitution off Spectacle Island
Althea, Carl, Grace (front row) and Pat on board as we follow the ship to the outer harbor
My father-in-law George with the Constitution behind, off Spectacle Is.
The Constitution off of Deer Island, as we head home to the Dorchester Yacht Club