Sunset Cruise in Boston Harbor

On Saturday night Laurie and I joined her mom and dad for a trip into Boston.
Walking from South Station along the waterfront, we came to Long Wharf, where
we met up with Bill and Lauren and went for a quick supper. Laurie, her folks and
I then proceeded to take a ferry ride on one of "Boston's Best Cruises" boats for
a sunset cruise.
It was a beautiful evening, and lots of boats were in the inner harbor, including this beauty of a schooner.
Laurie with her parents looking out over the inner harbor.
Deer Island Light, an efficient if not very romantic replacement for the lighthouse I remember from summers on the harbor as a kid.
Long Island, with its lighthouse and boats passing; we're right between this light and Deer Island light.
We proceeded out the main channel past Nixes' Mate between Gallops and Lovell islands and on out to Boston Lighthouse.
Hull, directly across the harbor from the lighthouse on Little Brewster Island.
We headed back through Quincy harbor, passing by Hull gut, the narrow stretch of water between Hull's tip and Peddock's Island.
Laurie and her mom while we are off the east end of Peddock's.
George's Island, home to Ft. Warren.
The sun setting over boston, as seen from the channel between Thompson Island and Spectacle Island.
The setting sun is behind us in this photo as we look at the Boston skyline.
We ended the evening at the USS Constitution, for the firing of her cannon at sunset.