Eastham Vacation News 1998

written by Molly, Patrick, Althea and Lindiwe

Ghost Stories

Ghost stories are alive and well down in Cape Cod. Lindiwe and I were scared out of our wits when we went outside to deliver some milk to our grandmother. We looked one way, then another. Then we saw a man. We screamed! Then we saw it was only our grandfather. What a relief!


An Interview with Steve Cavanaugh
-Molly and Lindiwe

Question: How do you like Cape Cod?
Answer: I like the Cape. I am enjoying it.

Question: Who do you think can build the strongest sandcastle in the world?
Answer: I think Althea will.

Question: Are you having fun?
Answer: I am having a great time!

A Big Sandcastle

Lindiwe and Molly started a sandcastle at low tide on a sand bar. They are hoping that it will stand during high tide. After a while, Patrick came to help. They kept piling on sand and packing it down. Gracey also helped. We stuck two crabs on, then covered them up.
"It will stand," says Molly confidently.
"Of course it will," says Lindiwe just as confidently.
Patrick, on the other hand, is not so sure.

Getting Up Early

Grownups, beware! A few kids, (I won't mention their names) have been getting up dangerously early. The plan to do it again, too, so be careful.


The Middle Door

It seems impossible to get in the middle door of the house. But Molly and Lindiwe think they can do it! The are going to try getting through the door from inside. They cannot do it, though


There is a door in the loft! Molly has tried to get through. So has Patrick. Lindiwe tries also.



Oreos have been found under a drawer. Mommy forced the kids to throw them out.


The Middle Door (continued)

Lindiwe, Althea, and Molly went into Nannie and Grandpa's room to search for an exit to the Middle Door. They were not successful, but they realized that the Middle Door leads straight into the house. Lindiwe suggested breaking down the door, but they could not do it.


High Door

A door was found in the kids' house loft. Karen's room was checked for a door, but the searchers found nothing.


Grace and Althea at the Mayflower Compact monument in Provincetown and a view from the top of the Pilgrim Tower in Provincetown.