Fall Family Fun

Molly & Althea as St. Catherine of Siena and St. Rose for All Saints Day

Later that same day, the kids look a bit less saintly as they get ready to trick or treat.

Shawn and Suzanne hosted us for Thanksgiving Dinner. A 30 lb turkey and a Turducken were the centerpiece of the meal.

Laurie and Althea spent time with Carlie at her first Thanksgiving.

Brockton's Holiday parade on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, led by the fire dept.'s color guard.

Laurie and Althea ride on the Plouffe school float. Molly made it too, on the back end of the float.

Suzanne wanted to be sure everyone got a shot of her pregnant!

Next Spring we should be welcoming two new Cavanaugh's to the world, as Suzanne and Tom's wife Heather are both pregnant.

Be afraid. Be very afraid!