Our House

In August, 1997 we bought a house on the Eastside of Brockton. The house is a Colonial, built in 1941, conveniently close to the downtown bus and train terminals, and especially to our parish church, which is only a 3 minute walk away. Plus, we've made friends with at least some of our neighbors, and we really like our neighborhood.

We've slowly been making some needed improvements to the house, like new electrical systems and some new windows, but as any homeowner knows, the work never ends!

My goals for 1999 are, I think, modest. Get an office built in the basement, finish wiring the house for ethernet, and then spending a lot of time outside, lounging at the picnic table and hammock, which I hung in late April. If I can ever get Althea out of the hammock, that is!

So far it has proved to be a cosy home for us, and we are all quite pleased with it.