New Jobs

Another year, another job! It's kind of commonplace to say that folks don't stay at jobs now days like they used to. My father worked at Instron in Canton, Mass. for 35 years. My longest stint at any single workplace, by contrast, has been 3 years!

This June ended my work at the Museum of Science, Boston. The job had been interesting, but it was a grant-funded position, and with the end of the grant my job was terminated. I left a couple of weeks early to prepare for my next work, giving seminars and workshops to teachers.

In July I helped out or ran workshops in Watertown and Sutton schools. This work will be extended into the school year as I visit weekly in Sutton to work with teachers there on Internet projects.

In addition to school work I've been doing some contract work, mostly in Macintosh IS and AppleScript work. One place I'll be working longterm is Weather Services Corp. I'll also be continuing at Curry College during the school year as the weekend computer lab supervisor.

Laurie has also changed jobs, moving from the Avon Public Library to the East Bridgewater Elementary school library. The positions are roughly equivalent, but the hours and pay are better in East Bridgewater.