Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go...

Another year, another job! It's kind of commonplace to say that folks don't stay at jobs now days like they used to. My father worked at Instron in Canton, Mass. for 35 years. My longest stint at any single workplace, by contrast, has been 3 years!

Would you believe I have another new job? I began working part-time at Pharmacotherapy, which is associated with the New England Medical Center in Boston. This basically fills the gap that temp work leaves when its temporary nature reasserts itself and the money dries up. Pharmacotherapy is a produced by a small group in a relaxed atmosphere. I help with production and web page work, as well as computer configuration problems when they arise. Right now we're installing a local area network to share printers and files.

Laurie continues her work at the Central School in East Bridgewater, and will be working two days per week at the town library during the summer. But her real work, in interest if not in income, is writing. During the past year she has had work published in The Boston Parents' Paper, SpareTime, Baby, and Catholic Parents. She is currently working on other articles as well, and already has had more work published in 1999 than in 1998!

I continue with school workshops, in addition to my part-time jobs at Pharmacotherapy and Curry College. I've been teaching graduate courses through French River Education Center, as well as continuing work in the Sutton and Watertown school districts. This Spring I also will be teaching in Blackstone, Mass.