June 2012 Harvest
It always seems like nothing will ever get ready after I do my first plantings; chalk it up to impatience. We had a warm March and April, then a cool, rainy May, so my lettuce, spinach and peas, which I finally got in early, didn't really start to take off until the end of May. But now we've had spinach a couple of times, and the peas are ready to pick.
I only planted a small amount of lettuce, so we'll have a few nice salads; I'll try sowing some in the Fall too, to see if we can double-crop this space.
The peas are coming in great and are sweet and need only a few seconds steaming to bring out the flavor.
Above are a couple of views of the summer squash, chard and carrots I planted in the the second of the two new raised beds I made this Spring.
One of three raised beds of tomatoes and peppers.
The raspberries, which are pure gift, are comming in heavy now, and today I picked both these tubs. We only have a few blueberries, because the bushes blossomed too early with the late-March 80-degree weather!
Here's a salad we made with all ingredients from our garden plots: lettuce, spinach, peas and raspberries, with a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, fine herbes and garlic.