Figure Skating 2006
Ally's extra practice and her effort really started paying off for her in the second half of the 2005-2006 skating season. Beginning with the Lower Cape Competition in Orleans on April 1, Ally began snatching up the gold. That weekend she got 4 gold medals: Freestyle 4, Freestyle 4 artistic, and a gold with both Synchro teams.
Ally returned to Orleans in June for the District 1 competition (New England) and once again got a gold in Freestyle 4, along with a gold for her Synchro team, Golden Angels. She also won a silver for Freestyle 4 artistic, Freestyle 4 Interpretive and with her Synchro team, Golden Ice. Above, Ally on the winner's podium with her gold and silver medals, and her Freestyle 4 trophy.
We were all surprised when Ally also was awarded the District Good Sport Award for the year. She's shown here on ice in front of her team members with the trophy and plaque.
Along with most members of her club Golden Blades, Ally headed to Marlboro at the end of July for the ISI Worlds Competition. Teams from over 100 clubs particiapted, coming from as far away as Hong Kong, the Phillipines and Taiwan.
Ally once again snagged a gold medal, this time for Freestyle 4 Artistic. She's posed above with her coach Charlene Ward.
While Golden Angels received a silver medal in their competition, the senior team, Golden Ice, tied for first place. The team executes a spinning spiral above.
Ally is about the center of the line in this picture of the team in one of its line spirals.