Walking Around Boston
I suppose anyone visiting this site must think we don't get out much! Well, it's true that there are fewer photographable events with the kids scattered up and down the eastern seaboard. Laurie and I do get out dancing a few times every month, but it's awful hard to take photos while you're dancing!
Since February, I've been on a walking kick, taking my half-hour lunch break to walk around the neighborhood near work. Fortunately, I'm close to the North End, which is a great walking neighborhood and lets me visit the Italian stores, or walk along the Charles River. So here are a few photos of my recent walks.
The Zakim Bridge leading north of Boston, about a block from work. (February 2013)
Boats at dock along the Charles River in February.
The USS Constitution at dock. (March 13, 2013)
Walking along the Charles River (part of the Boston Harbor Walk) in March.
One project I worked on was repainting my Lund skiff; the previous owner is a duck hunter, and had painted it camoflage; but I want to be seen in this little boat when all the big ones go roaring by, so I painted it so it would stand out.
I am often on the Freedom Trail while walking around, and pass the Old North Church once or twice a week on my route. One day a worker was high up on the steeple, hauling up scaffolding to begin work on the structure.
Just up the street from the Old North Church is the Copps Hill cemetery. It is the second oldest burial ground in Boston. This gravestone is from 1734.
Passing through the North End will bring me to Sargeant Wharf, and its view of the Inner Harbor and Logan Airport. This is the Boston Sailing School.
Just down the street from Sargeant Wharf is Long Wharf, across from Columbus Park.
In April I added to my walking routine by skipping the subway and walking from South Station where the commuter rail comes in up to the North Station area where my office is located, and then walking back in the afternoon. I pass by Fanueil Hall every day, and then through this beautiful park in Post Office Square, which used to be an ugly concrete parking garage.
Laurie arranged for our dance instructor John Peters to teach line dances as a fundraiser for the Holmes Public Library in Halifax, Mass. where she is director.
A couple of weeks ago Laurie and I had dinner with some of my former workmates from Pharmacotherapy, and while waiting for Laurie to get in town I strolled through Boston Common and (pictured above) the Boston Public Gardens.
After launching my boat on May 8th, I finally got to take her out for a short spin on May 20th. The bouy is called Peter Collins, and behind is UMass Boston and the JFK Presidential Library.