Summer 2002

Summer has brought two major changes for us here at 26 Moulton Street. The biggest news of all is that Laurie is pregnant, and we're expecting our fourth child on November 17. Ultrasound indicates a girl will be joining our family. The girls are busy trying to convince us of names, which change by the second.

Almost as important, Laurie has started classes toward her Masters in Library Science degree at the University of Rhode Island. Her first two classes already behind her, she's looking forward to three classes this Fall.

Our good friend Ed Walsh was married in early June to his long-time fiancee Lynda at a cozy wedding/reception in Uxbridge, Mass.

We once again spent a week in July in Eastham, and have been busy with lots of other activities as well: a flute orchestra concert at Jordan Hall in Boston, Henry V on Boston common, trips to Campanelli stadium in Brockton to watch the new baseball team the Rox, summer camp for the kids, a musical variety show for Molly, and more.

At work we had our first picnic at associate editor Sarah's summer house in Annisquam. Everyone enjoyed it so much we're already planning to do a repeat next year. Althea was the only one to come with me this time, but next July we should all be able to make it.

In addition to the usual Summer activities of yardwork and the vegetable garden, we've been busy working on planning and making improvements to the house, to get ready for the new baby and for Laurie's being busy with school.

Althea (center) racing at the parish picnic on August 18.
Molly & Grace sunning on the beach at Orleans in August.
My dad playing with AJ at our Labor Day cookout.