New Bedford Summerfest
Molly was home for the weekend, so we journeyed on down to New Beford
for the annual Summerfest Folk Festival on Sunday.
We strolled around catching a song here and there and then settled in at one stage for the workshop "Something Old, Something New".
Molly Andrews, who played guitar and autoharp while singing.
Rod MacDonald, who entertained us with a story about being mistaken for Bob Dylan during one road trip.
Sisters Cassie and Maggie MacDonald from Antigonish, Nova Scotia entertained us with Celtic derived-tunes from their native land.
Not only did the sisters sing beautifully, but both are able to step dance/tap dance well; Cassie even gave us a short burst of fiddling while dancing that was reminiscient of Natalie MacMaster.
and Maggie. (Although the said ahead of time, we were forgiven if we mixed them up!)
This stage wasn't actually listed in the program, so these must be rogue musicians. But we stopped here for a few old rock and roll tunes played with folk accents and acoustic instruments.
Molly and Laurie find some shade on the warm Sunday afternoon.
Finally, as we knew we would, we retreated to the seats and shade of the tent of the Custom House stage, for the end of Melissa Ferrick's show...
And a lively shared stage program by Annalivia (pictured above) and Dangerous Gentlemen.