In July we visited our Danville, Vermont for a week. We lived there from 1987 to 1992, and moved with reluctance.

Our trip gave us the chance to visit with old friends, to worship at Our Lady, Queen of Peace church, and to see how the town had changed in the eight years since our move. Despite a current newspaer article that decried Danville's conversion into a suburban town, it was still very much the quintessential Vermont village we loved while living there.

We spent the week at Indian Joe's Cabins on Joe's Pond in West Danville. Swimming and boating were our main pasttimes on the lake, with lots of reading and visiting and cookouts making up the bulk of our time. But we did get a few tourist visits in as well.

Of course, no trip to Vermont is complete without a pilgrimage to places like Cabot Creamery, Maple Grove Farms, and especially, Ben & Jerry's.

Above is our old house, nicely spruced up by the new owners.