Remember The Time: United for Wellness! Line Dance Fusion Weekend

Brought to you by the Boston Rhythm Riders Line Dance Movement and the Line Dance Fusion Team
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Chris Blues Da Professor of Excellence Steve C
Christopher M. Torres-Evans, better known as Chris Blues, DJ Blues or just plain Blues is from Philadelphia (North Philly to be exact), and now lives in Plymouth Meeting, a Philly Suburb. In his professional life he is in Accounting/Bookkeeping, while outside of dance, he likes making music, mixes, b-ball and CHILLIN.
Chris is affiliated with The PARKSIDE EXPERIENCE and MO GROUND PARK (MGP!!!), but also considers himself an honorary/unofficial member of PE Solid Gold, EastWick, SILK, TTI, 2LeftFeet, Motown Hustlers, DAMP, D2BD, Common Ground, TCH, Dem Pesky's, D&G, GCH, South Side Steppers, Class ACT, SITNOL, Union Crew, Line Dance Family and the Dancing Divas of Philly, and there are probably more.
He got involved in dancing when he was bartending for a local weekly dance party where they did line dancing, bop and cha looked fun. After attending his very first class, he felt like I could get the hang of this line dance thing.
Chris has created many dances...the first dance was "I'm Feeling It" (a collaboration w/Brooklyn Ed). His first solo dance was "Itz Eazy Tho".
As for his well-known presence in the world as a DJ, he says if it wasn't for the DJ not showing up at the weekly dance party where he was bartending, the line dance family probably wouldn't even know him (or Parkside for that matter). One night the resident DJ for the event decided to not show up...he told the promoter "I have my equipment in the truck and I basically have all the music y'all dance to". He took a chance...I took the stage...and the rest is (well y'all know).
Rhondi Hackett of Greenville, South Carolina is both a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Greenwood County, South Carolina. He's a Recreational Coordinator who is also a Traveling Soul Line Dance Instructor, Choreographer and Line Dancer known as Da Professor Of Excellence (aka, Whistle Man, Hype Man, Wood Burner and Da ProfessorSwagg). Like most line dance instructors, he also runs the tunes for his classes, and has added DJ to his long dance resume.
Rhondi has strong ties with the entire Universal Line Dancing family nationwide and continues to teach at national Soul Line Dance events as well as local and regional dances.
He has created various dances over the years some on YouTube and Facebook and some not! Rhondi is a very Diverse, Creative and Culturally Minded Person who is Very Outgoing and Energetic! Giving people the opportunity to GET IN WHERE YA FIT IN With All The Fun, Love, Culture, Fellowship, Health & Awareness, Lifestyle and Traveling of Soul Line Dancing!
His strong belief in the principles of inclusion rather than exclusion makes him a perfect fit for our line dance fusion event! He believes we should all love everyone right with all the respect and unconditional love that God gives us -- AGAPE!!
Steve got his start running the music for line dance events when he started a summer class to help his fellow students (and himself!) remember the dances they learned during the school year classes with his first teacher Lestyn Gilmore. When the local venue for Friday night dances closed in 2017, he got together with other teachers in Southeastern Massachusetts to form Silver City Dancers, to offer Friday night dances and took his place as one of the rotating line-up of DJs and instructors.
Since 2017, he's added other classes, dances and events to his calendar, perhaps best known for the summer Best of Both Worlds Harbor Cruise in Boston Harbor that features soul and country line dancing.
He and his wife Laurie love visiting with other line dance groups, and have been to dances and classes in Nashville, TN, New Jersey, and throughout New England. In addition to his own classes and Silver City, he's also a member of Brockton Urban Line Dancers and a frequent visitor to events hosted by New England Soul Line Dancers.
Steve has also choreographed more than 20 line dances, the most popular one being "You're So Sexy,", which has been danced all over the world since he released it in 2020.