Remember The Time: United for Wellness! Line Dance Fusion Weekend

Brought to you by the Boston Rhythm Riders Line Dance Movement and the Line Dance Fusion Team
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Remember The Time! Instructors

Louis 'Sweet Lou' Jenkins Johanna Barnes Rhonda 'Rah Rah' Coleman

Louis "Sweet Lou" Jenkins
Dance Bio

Johanna Barnes
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Rhonda "Rah Rah" Coleman
Dance Bio

A "NOLA" native, Louis "Sweet Lou" Jenkins is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but currently resides in Pontiac, Michigan. Louis began hustling/line dancing about 25 years ago under the instruction of Gladys Smith of Pontiac, Michigan. While being coached by Gladys as an instructor, Louis not only became addicted to line dancing, but he also loved it! Louis is a lifetime member of Dance Force of Pontiac, Michigan and co-founder/instructor of Motown Hustlers of Detroit, Michigan.
He is well known in Detroit metro for creating and co-creating many famous Michigan hustles which are danced throughout the Mid-west region, among them "3 Times Fun (I Can't Wait)"--which is probably his most famous hustle.
In 2011, Louis he was named UC Star awards "Dynamic Instructor" and in 2015, Nichol "Choly Chol" Ponytz and Louis won the 2015 UC Star Awards Midwestern Dance of the Year for their collaboration "Back 2 U".

Johanna discovered line dance and couples dancing in the spring of 1994 (on the very same night) and immediately felt a connection with the movement as well as the social atmosphere it provided during challenging times. Dance quickly became a life-long companion for joy, as she ventured out in learning more than a dozen rhythms of dance, competing, choreographing and teaching. She's got two UCWDC World Championship titles, as well as being awarded hundreds of other top placements in line dance, original line dance choreography, two-step, west coast swing, and 7 other couples dance formats (especially ProAm, ProAm Spotlight, and Jack & Jill).
She's been an instructor, competitor, and social dancer (until the sun comes up) throughout North America, and abroad, including Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada, Wales, and special invitations to Norway, and Finland. This is in part to her socially inclusive outlook to other dancers as well as her thoughtful choreography recognized as classics world-wide.
Among her many line dances that remain requested, and some chosen for international competitions: Faith and Desire, Geek in The Pink, Yes You Won't (w/ Bryan McWherter), Secret, Meant 2 Be, and Sugar Honey I.T. Electric Church (w/ Rachel McEnaney-White) has been filling the floor for more than a year (pre-pandemic).

Rhonda is an ICLDI Certified Line Dance instructor who teaches beginner and intermediate level soul line dance classes in the Richmond, VA area. When she was younger, she wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer, and while that dream didn't come true, her love of dance remained. A few years ago she discovered line dancing and it changed her life. Line dancing is her passion. Line dancing is her life. danceislife.

Michelle Wright The Aye Team Kevin Richards

Michelle Wright
Dance Bio

The Aye Team
Dance Bio

Kevin Richards
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Michelle Wright is an instructor and choreographer from Massachusetts. Although she has been dancing her entire life, starting as a ballet dancer at the age of 4, she has only been line dancing for 7 years. She started dancing socially at a dance club and quickly became hooked! She quickly learned any dance she could. Michelle started instructing on a whim. She had never thought she would instruct, but when a friend asked her to fill in at a club, she developed a passion for sharing her love of dancing with others. Michelle has been teaching line dance for 3 years, including her own classes, dance events and workshops, virtual classes and corporate events. She teaches dance for all skill levels and to all genres of music.
About 2 years ago Michelle choreographed her first line dance. Since then she has choreographed/co-choreographed over 25 dances. Her most popular dance so far is "Broke", choreographed in October 2020.

The Aye Team is composed of the dancing duo Markis, aka K.I.S. Kis, and Andrea, aka Honey B. Although they came on the line dance scene in August 2016, they have been dancing all their lives. They both have a strong passion for dancing and love the team that dances with them.
The Aye Team loves supporting other groups across the states and are proud to have added a few dances of their own to the Line Dancing world.
"Baby What's Happening" was nominated and received awards at the UC Awards in 2017 as Best Dance in the Southern Region and the duo were awarded the Best Choreographers in the Southern Region that year. They also brought home the 2017 UC Dynamic Dancing Duo award from Maryland, which was a surprise and great honor.

Kevin Richards is a Massachusetts dancer, choreographer and instructor. He began line dancing 6 years ago, and started instructing classes and dj'ing line dance events 3 years ago. Prior to the COVID lockdowns, Kevin taught classes at Rascals in Worcester, SAC Park in Shrewsbury, and China Gourmet in Framingham, after which he found ways to keep his dancing group together through parking lot events through the summer and fall. Outside of dancing, Kevin enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, hitting the weights, and Marvel movies.
To date, Kevin has also choreographed 5 line dances and 1 partner dance. The most recent being "Life Rolls On," which peaked at #30 on the CopperKnob Top 100.

Aline Goodman Line Dance Fusion team Rhondi Hackett

Aline Goodman
Dance Bio

Line Dance Fusion Team

Rhondi Hackett
Dance Bio

Aline is a line dance instructor who has had a passion for the art since 2000 and has been instructing since 2001. Aline, along with her partner Angela Smith, hosts a 4th Friday Line Dance Party called Line Dance Made Easy® six (6) times a year.
Aline has appeared on two dance related TV shows: (SoulLine TV and Let's Dance) that featuring line dancing and partner dancing, such as Philly Bop and Cha-Cha. Aline has also taught at several line dance workshops around the country. Aline is also a certified line dance instructor through the International Consortium of Line Dance Instructors ("ICLDI") and serves as the East Coast Regional Director of the ICLDI.
Aline was also the creator and Editor of the first soul line dancing magazine called: 381 The Informer (which is no longer in circulation).
Aline is the recipient of the 2010 Beginners Instructors Award given to her by the dance organization I Am Kenny J Productions Social Club and she is also the recipient of the 2012 Union Crew (UC Star Awards) Line Dance Made Easy Award. For the last 13 years, Aline has been the East Coast line dance instructor for the Vegas Jam, an event hosted by the Steady Steppers Organization held yearly in Las Vegas, NV and she is now the Line Dance Coordinator for the Vegas Jam, making sure that over 500 line dancers have a weekend of line dancing, learning and fun! She is responsible for securing the instructors and making sure that all nineteen (19) line dance workshops run effortlessly!

Your line dance fusion team will also be on the floor, not just as hosts but teaching as well. With backgrounds in country line dancing, soul/urban line dance and progressive/modern line dance, we'll be bringing you the best of each. We're looking forward to welcoming you to the hardwood. Rhondi Hackett "Da Professor of Excellence", is a well known DJ and instructor who comes to us from Greenville, South Carolina. Rhondi has a strong belief in the principle of inclusion rather than exclusion! Love everyone right with all the respect and unconditional love that God gives us! His emphasis on inclusion has led him to develop very strong ties with the entire Universal Line Dancing family nationwide especially with SC Classical Soul, Line Dance Fever and Fitness, Tri City Hustlerz, Southside Steppers, ATL Showstoppers, The CREW, ATL Sliders, Royal Movement, D2BD, H.Y.P.E., Encore, Class Act, , Steppin 2 The Beat, Leatha's Soul Line, The Family Sliders, Jus Dance Crew, Dance To Be Fit, and many more groups throughout the southeastern USA.
Da Professor has taught and is continuing to teach Nationwide Soul Line Dances as well as local and regional dances. and he has choregographed many popular dances, including "Do You", "Dans La Maison" and "God is a Genius". Although known primarily as a soul line dancer, he has also taught Hip Hop, African, Spiritual, Praise, Mime, and Greek Stepping for years in recreational centers, communities, schools and churches.
Rhondi founded TIME 2 STEP Up Soul Line Dance Movement INC. dedicated to teaching and developing individuals to become Soul Line Dancers incorporating the culture of Soul Line Dancing through Ministry, Fellowshipping, Networking, and Living a Healthy Life Style. In other words "GET IN WHERE YA FIT IN!"
Bevlyn Canady Tracy Baker

Bevlyn Cannady
Dance Bio

Tracy Baker
Dance Bio

Bevlyn nickname "Bev". I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I found my love for dancing at a very young age. I can clearly remember tearing up the dance floor at my yearly family reunions.
I fell in love with Line Dancing in the early year of 2016 when I became a member of New England Soul Line Dance Network (NESLDN). I started out on the beginner level of dancing and quickly graduated up to the intermediate level.
In less than 5 years I have collaborated with other line dance sisters from the New England area and created 3 dances. "Whatever It Takes", "I Don't Wanna" and the most recent "Somebody to Love Me".
Line Dancing has truly become my passion!!!!!

I had no idea that line dancing was so big! I mean, of course I knew the usual line dances that were always done at wedding receptions and social events, but 5 years ago while attending a friend's get-together, 2 line dance instructors came and taught us some dances.
I found out they had classes in Boston and attended my first class with New England Soul Line Dance Network. It was a done deal, I've been dancing ever since! It's been an amazing 5 years and it's been even more amazing that I have had the privilege to collaborate with some outstanding line dancers whom I look up to.
My collabs include "Whatever It Takes", "I Don't Wanna" and one that has not yet been introduced to everyone, "Somebody to Love Me". I'm forever grateful to have found this wonderful thing called line dance, as it has allowed me to put my troubles aside (if only for a brief time) and express myself without worrying about what others say about my dancing (laughing). Dancing like nobody's watching is the best!

222 Line Dance -
2 Steppin' (Coleman) -
Big Trouble -
BrokenHearted -
BYAH (Bring Yo Ass Home)-
C & A Slide -
Catch Ya Breath (Coleman) -
Cowboyz Party -
Cross Movement -
Cyber Drop -
Dirt Road Dollars -
Fancy -
Fancy Like -
God Is A Genius -
Ho' Down -
I Like PiƱa Coladas -
Knew It (Jenkins) -
Like I Want You -
Lil Bit -
Lou's Glide (Jenkins) -
Redirect Attention -
Rockin' with Ms. Jody -
Roller Coaster You -
Shake Yo Bikini Bottom -
Spiritual Respiration -
Whatever It Takes -
World Tour (Jenkins) -
You're Number One (YNO) -
You're So Sexy -