The Apple Blossom

Volume 3, Number 1

The first issue of 1997's Apple Blossom is the first of our "themed" issues. This issue centers on telecommunications, and has a very interesting interview with Jerry Cline of InTrec Software, makers of the Apple II telecom standard, ProTERM 3.1. In addition, subscribers get a great deal on the WebWare CD-ROM, as well as any other products by BeachWare, whose web graphics CD-ROM is reviewed in this issue.

Table of Contents

  1. News & Announcements
  2. The Web Ware CD-ROM by BeachWare
  3. Beginner's Corner--Terminal Terminology
  4. BestData Smart One 336VLX Fax Modem (review)
  5. Talking ][...Jerry Cline of InTrec Software
  6. From the Publisher

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