Quick Click Calc

Say that 5 times fast!
While you may not be able to say the name five times fast, this new spreadsheet, currently at version 1.2, from the ByteWorks, will be able to handle your data as quickly as you are able to input it. Quick Click Calc is a new spreadsheet for the IIGS, fr om the hands of Mike Westerfield, author of the ORCA programming series for the Apple II. It is a standard "desktop" application, and it brings one of the newest features of computing to the Apple IIGS–Publish and Subscribe. If you haven't used this feat ure up until now, it is basically copy-and-paste on steroids. You can publish information from one document (say your computer lab budget) and subscribe to that information (which is stored in an "edition" file) in another file (perhaps the overall schoo l budget). If changes are made to the original file, then the data will be automatically updated when you open the subscribing file.

Quick Click Calc is also a full business graphics program, and can create colorful charts in 3 dimensions.

The price for Quick Click Calc is a modest $60.00, and it is recommended that you have a harddrive and 2 MB of RAM for smoothest operation. You can order it direct from The ByteWorks at (505) 898-8183. If you have any questions, give them a call, or e -mail Mike Westerfield at MikeW50 on AOL or ByteWorks on GEnie.

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