The Incredible Shrinking File

EGO Systems released a second Apple II-Mac utility in September in the form of Shrink II, a compression utility that uses the NuFX (pronounced "new effects") format, which is commonly used on the Apple II computer via the utilities ShrinkIt and ShrinkIt GS.

An obvious market for this utility is homeowners and school teachers who work with both types of computer. Files can be easily transferred between computers by Shrinking them and then transferring them via modem, AppleTalk or disk. (System 7.5, via PC Exchange 2.0, allows you to use Apple II disks with your Mac. System 6.0 and 6.0.1 on the IIGS allow you to use HFS disks, i.e., Macintosh disks, on the IIGS. )

The existence of this program makes sharing your Apple II files with Mac users much easier. Any word processor can open a text file created on an Apple II and ClarisWorks can open word processing files saved in AppleWorks or AppleWorks GS format, and it can also open AppleWorks databases and spreadsheets. Microsoft Works can also open AppleWorks files. (In fact, if someone has the DataViz MacLink Plus translators that shipped with System 7.5, or if they've bought them separately, they have an option for opening and saving in this format.) HyperStudio Mac, a hypermedia authoring program from Roger Wagner Publishing, can open HyperStudio GS files directly (HyperStudio appeared on the GS first, around 1989). You can even open graphics created on the Ap ple II, using programs like Imagery (freeware), GraphicConverter (shareware) or DeBabelizer (commercial). So if you want to share your work and need to get it there by compressing it, you can easily use ShrinkIt or GSShrinkIt to do so, upload it to an on line service, and the folks you want to share with can open up the files. Of course, I still think that the primary audience for these programs will be folks using both types of computers. And if you do, Shrink II is an indispensable utility.

Shrink II worked just great. I used it to unshrink files downloaded from the Internet, and to create archives of my own. You can automate Shrink II with AppleScript, and it works very fast. I have used it on the PowerMac at work, on my Powe rBook 170, and on my LC III at home, with no problems at all. If you're interested in Shrink II, contact Steve Disbrow at EGO Systems, at 800-662-3634, 615-332-2087, or FAX to 615-332-2634 to place your order, or send e-mail to for more information.

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