The Apple Blossom

Volume 2, Number 5

From the Publisher

Time to Renew
I mentioned in the last issue that I planned on publishing The Apple Blossom throughout 1997, and this is my reaffirmation of that. Here are the terms for renewing your subscription. Now through December 31, 1996, renewals for folks in the U.S. and C anada for the 1997 edition will be $15.00. After that date, a subscription will cost $16.00 for the year. For people outside the US/Canada, the renewal price is $20.00. And for anyone who is not a subscriber, the cost for a two year subscription (1996 an d 1997) will be $26.00 (US/Canada) or $35.00 (other countries). As with this year, each issue will be at least 12 pages, and issues will appear every two months. Please make checks payable to "Apple Blossom Publishing" and send them to the new address li sted below.

Yet Another New Address
I recently got a Post Office Box in order to get my business certificate (which was necessary to open a business banking account). This new address will remain the same even though my family is planning another move in the Spring of next year. The ne w address, which you can use for renewals and for any other correspondence, is:
Steve Cavanaugh
Apple Blossom Publishing
P.O. Box 120434
Boston, MA 02112-0434

By the way, if you sent us a check for a subscription and it was only recently cashed, I apologize for the delay. Opening a bank account for the business was a bit more complicated in Massachusetts than it had been in Philadelphia, and I couldn't cash those checks made out to "Apple Blossom" until that account was opened. Now that it is open, there should be no further delays in processing subscriptions and renewals.

System Software
I recently received a license from Apple that allows me to distribute Apple System Software to subscribers and to purchasers of certain software packages such as the Modem Starter Disk that I took over from Chuck Orem. If for some reason you don't ha ve the latest IIGS System Software, or HyperCard IIGS or the 8-bit Apple II System Utilities, you can now purchase that from me. Details are on page 7.

Something for the New Year
Next year Apple Blossom Publishing will be unveiling a new disk based publication centering around HyperCard IIGS. The new publication will be a quarterly, two disk subscription that will draw on talent from throughout the Apple II community, and wil l also include original artwork, music, and software. Further details will appear in the next issue of the newsletter.

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