Mini-Cards in HyperCard (ABC97.02)

by Gareth Jones

A couple of years ago, a talented Englishman named Richard King sent me some HyperCard stacks with very unusual Help cards. On each Help card was a schematic diagram of the stack, with a tiny picture of each card of the stack in its appropriate location on the diagram. The miniatures look just like those you see when you select Recent from the Go menu.

I could see several other uses for these tiny screen shots. For example, try pasting a miniature of the first card of a stack into your Home Card and placing a transparent button over it that would take you to the stack. An unlimited source of custom icons for stacks!

It took me a while to discover how to do this, though, since it wasn't in the HyperCard on-line help nor in several third-party books. I finally found a single reference buried on page 331 of HyperCard IIGS Reference. This technique works in both Macintosh and GS versions of HyperCard.

  1. Go to the card you want to make a miniature of.
  2. Select Copy Card from the Edit menu.
  3. Go to the card where you want to paste the minature.
  4. Press Command-Shift-V, or hold down the shift key as you select Paste Card from the Edit menu.

Gareth Jones is the former Editor of Apples B.C. News and a Contributing Editor of Hyper Quarterly, a new magazine-on-disk devoted to HyperCard IIGS stacks.

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