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News! We have rescued Gareth Jones' HyperCard articles from oblivion following the dismantling of Nathan Mate's FAQ site. You can read his nine articles on using HyperCard IIGS right here!

Hyper Quarterly is a disk-subscription for Apple IIGS computers. It is created with HyperCard IIGS, and explores new ways for using HyperCard on the Apple IIGS, as well as providing new stacks that cover the entire gamut of typical programs: publishing, HTML, graphics, database, presentation, education, gaming, and programming.

Hyper Quarterly is published by Apple Blossom Publishing, which also published The Apple Blossom newsletter and the Apple II Modem Starter Disk.

Two issues of Hyper Quarterly have been published in 1997. The first issue, which was shipped to subscribers in early June, featured 11 stacks that had a strong Web concentration, with an editor for Lynx bookmarks, a table creation stack, a translation stack for HTML files into WordPerfect format, and a Text Editor that exports HTML, as well as programming helps and the Good Eat! recipe stack.

Our second issue, which was published in November, 1997 included updates to HTML.to.WP and HC.Word, along with a translator for GraphicWriter III from Seven Hills Software that can import WordPerfect documents. Also on this issue is Bookstacks Press for importing Gutenburg etexts, a sample etext import of Macbeth by Shakespeare, Loonar Lander (game time!), and dozens of XCMDs and XFCNs to extend the HyperTalk language.

Our third issue, published in the final days of the twentieth century, contains updates to BookStacks Press and Good Eats, a Speak XCMD that uses the IIGS talking tools for computer speech, and ColorLab, for creating colorsets for HyperCard cards.

Last Update: January 5, 2000

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