HyperCard IIGS Articles

Gareth Jones wrote a series of articles on HyperCard IIGS while he served as the editor of the Apples B.C. News. These articles were generously provided to the public and published on Nathan Mate's FAQ site. In May Nathan took down his site, and so with Gareth's encouragement we are republishing these articles here for the HyperCard using public. Enjoy, and keep on scripting.

The Articles

  1. HyperCard for the Unconvinced
  2. Importing and Exporting Text
  3. Find and Replace in HyperCard
  4. Printing Documents using HyperCard
  5. Creating minature card pictures
  6. Using the Scripters' Tools Stack
  7. Getting the Picture
  8. Using RMover
  9. Filling the Address Book Stack

Gareth Jones is the former Editor of Apples B.C. News and a Contributing Editor of Hyper Quarterly, a new magazine-on-disk devoted to HyperCard IIGS stacks.

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