The Apple Blossom

Volume 2, Number 6

***NEW***Until February 22, 1997 you can read the complete "Talking ][" interview with Gary Utter. It was condensed in the printed issue of The Apple Blossom for space considerations, but you can read it online here. Remember, this is a limi ted time offer! Please do NOT bookmark the Talking ][ article, as it will be removed. Also, please do not pass it around, reproduce it except as a print out for your own use, or link to it from your own site. This is a special offer and is limited to rea ding on this site and printing for yourself. Thanks for your consideration.
The sixth edition of this year's Apple Blossom leads off with Ryan Suenaga's interview with Gary Utter, one of the owners of Syndicomm, the sponsor of the Apple II forums on Genie and Delphi. It continues the Beginners' Corner column, with an article on disk structures, and has info on Applied Engineering in Australia and an article about the philosophy behind the engineering that helped make Apple II's such reliable machines.

Table of Contents

  1. Talking ][...Gary Utter by Ryan Suenaga, M.S.W.
  2. Letters to the Editor...regarding DOS 3.3
  3. Delving into Delphi
  4. Beginner's Corner...Bits, Bytes & Blocks
  5. Trickle-down Reliability by M. H. (Buzz) Bester
  6. Applied Engineering Down Under
  7. From the Publisher

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