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Latest update: September 27, 1997

The third number of Volume 3 of The Apple Blossom was mailed to subscribers just before I left for KansasFest '97. This issue has articles by Buzz Bester, Vincent Quinn, and Ryan Suenaga, including articles on IIGS keyboard repair, dasiy-chaining Disk ][ drives, and an interview with prolific shareware/Delphiware author Aaron Pulver.

The Apple Blossom is a bimonthly newsletter reviewing new hardware and software for the Apple II computer as well as presenting original how-to articles and interviews. If you are interested in susbscribing for the 1997 edition, check out the Subscription page for the details. Subscription renewals have topped 80% so far, so keep 'em coming! The next issue of Apple Blossom will be mailed out in mid-September.

Last year I received a license from Apple to distribute Apple II System Software. Subscribers can obtain the latest copies of IIGS System 6.0.1, HyperCard IIGS 1.1 and Apple II System Utilities from me. In addition, purchasers of the Modem Disk now get ProDOS and BASIC.System preinstalled. For more info, check the disks for sale page.

Read the first year of the newsletter online, or download complete copies for printing or redistribution. One article from each new issue is also posted, to let you see the type of articles we are delivering, and, hopefully, to whet your appetite for more. You are free to copy articles on this site in whole or part, unless otherwise noted, as long as appropriate credit is given.

If you would like to find out more about me, then check out my personal page, although if you don't I won't be hurt too deeply :^).