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Steve's Choreography

Thank you to my fellow dancers and instructors around the world who have taken the time to learn, teach and record demos of my dances.

Holding the Bottle
I Adore You (Hold Me)
My Gift Is You
Mama, Dolly, Jesus
step sheet in French, Dutch and German.
Tracey's Hometown
We're Gonna Make It
A Shot of Therapy
The Voyage
Li'l Swing
Shakey Shakey
All of You
Sunset Sippin'
step sheet in Dutch and German.
Marry Me
Celia's Salsa, with Forty Arroyo
Last Night Lonely
Next Thing Smokin'
Do It Again
Songs For You
AB Wild Hearts
step sheet in Dutch, German and French.
Hope You're Happy
Rockin' with Ms. Jody
What's the Point?
In It For the Love
No Love Here
A Little Buzz, with Michelle Wright
Baby Westie
Can't Stop the Feeling, with Bob Rosenkrans
Good Ole Days
Happy Days and Lonely Nights
Here We Are
Mistletoe Jam
My Two Step Queen
Somebody's Got to Do It
Twinkletoes, with Lestyn Gilmore, Laurie Cavanaugh, Sharon Cushner, Susan Daley and Dave McDonald
When the Sun Goes Down
Whiskey Does It
Won't Let Me Go
Written in the Stars
You're the Cream in My Coffee
You're So Sexy